Asking For Reviews: 3 Successful Tactics

asking for reviews

As a business owner, you may be uncomfortable with the concept of asking for reviews.

Believe it or not, more than 80% of people trust the reviews they read online as much as they trust a personal referral from a friend.

This might be alarming to think as either a business owner or consumer, but it’s a fact of life for any company or service provider.

So if you’re in the world of providing products and services to people, you need to get comfortable asking for reviews.

In some of our previous blog posts, How Online Reviews Impacts Your Business & Bottom Line &  7 Ways to Promote Good Reviews and Testimonials we suggested multiple proven review generation and promotion tactics that help you improve your online reputation with reviews.

Since we’re always thinking of additional ways, tips, and tricks to improve, here are three additional surefire ways to get good reviews from your best customers in order to attract even more clients.

1. Call Your Clients

One of the best ways to get people to write positive feedback about working with you, your products, or your services is to make a phone call.

If you’ve built up a strong customer base but want to grow, you need to take advantage of your business directory listings.

It’s the first thing that people will see when they search for you, so they need to be won over.

Your business directory listings will be improved if you have positive feedback from your clients.

When you reach out to your customer base, make calls in waves.

If you go from zero to one hundred reviews on your business overnight, you’ll raise a red flag. It’ll look like spam to the directory site and spoil your online reputation.

Your best bet is to choose a group of clients and ask them to leave a review on a specific site. Include the link in your message to make it easier for them.

2. Write Personal Messages

When you’re reaching out to your customers, they might ignore an email or a text that looks like everything else that every other brand sends out.

There’s a formula for how companies communicate with their clients. You need to break the mold.

You can do that by writing personalized messages to your customers.

Tell them what you liked about working with them or which services you were happy to provide to them.

If you’re in the health and wellness industry, be sure you’re not violating any HIPAA agreements.

Back in the day, a friend of mine was a very successful direct-mail marketer. His competitive advantage? Handwritten mail.

In the world of computer-generated mail, getting a handwritten mailing stood out from the rest and showed genuine interest in the clients.

Bottom line – Make them feel special and you’ll be sure to see a response that’s equally special.

3. Add Call-To-Action After Checkout

After your clients have finished checking out with you, now you can ask them for their feedback.

If you’ve done the due diligence to make your service and checkout process smooth and simple, you can bet people will be happy to leave you a positive note.

After you get a notification about your positive review, be sure to reach out to your clients and thank them.

While it’s frowned upon to then offer something in return, letting them know you appreciate their time is encouraged.

Asking For Reviews Is Part of Doing Business

If you want to succeed in the current business environment, you’ve got to get comfortable asking for reviews.

Your best customers will be won over by reviews and then give you a positive review in return.

Keep your reviews fresh and you’ll always have a steady stream of clients.

If you’d like to explore implementing a comprehensive review generation strategy, contact us today or give us a call at 1-855-970-GURU or 216-202-3386!

If you want to know more tips to end up ranking higher in online searches, check out our top 5 tips.

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Nachum Langsner

Nachum Langsner

Nachum Langsner is the Co-Founder and CMO of LocalBizGuru - A full-service digital marketing agency located in Cleveland, OH. He has over 13 years of experience in the SEO industry and is a frequent presenter and instructor of SEO seminars for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Greater Cleveland area for organizations such as Jumpstart, the Better Business Bureau, COSE, and the Ohio SBDC at CSU.

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