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Google My Business – The Key to Local Search Visibility

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now make up over 33%
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– 2020 Local Search Ranking Factors Study

Leverage GMB To Your Advantage

Did you ever do a search for a local product or service and wonder how a particular business outranks their competition to get featured in the Local 3-pack?

While there are many factors that enable businesses to rank well in a local search, your Google My Business profile is one of the most important.

In fact, studies have shown it to be at least 33% of your ranking ability, with its importance growing year after year.

Aside from general business listings, optimizing, properly managing, and ranking your Google My Business Listing is crucial to the success of your business. The experts at LocalBizGuru are here to help.


Google My Business Services We Provide

Gmb profile

GMB Suspension

GMB Spam

Leverage GMB To Your Advantage

We will create or optimize and manage your GMB profile including:

  • selecting the optimal category and subcategories.
  • optimize your business description and shortname
  • complete all available attribute/service/booking options,
  • data accuracy monitoring
  • Review monitoring & response
  • create, monitor and respond to Q&As
  • …and more

Google Post Content Creation:

Want a direct pipeline into Google to help you outrank your competition locally?

Our team of content creators are experts in feeding and educating the local Google algorithms to equate your business with your goods and services and their relevant keyword terms. We do this by crafting and publishing unique, professionally written 80+ word posts directly to your GMB profile once a week, that over time & with regular frequency, will inform the algorithms of your expertise in your space. Pretty soon you will see your important metrics like website visits, directions and phone calls to the business increase month over month. Plus these posts will increase your chances of being featured in the local 3-pack.


Google Business Profile Reinstatement Services

Having your GMB profile suspended can have devastating effects on your business and bottom line.

The reinstatement process can be long and tedious, and if done incorrectly, will be declined. To compound matters, Google will never tell you what triggered the suspension in the first place or why you’ve been rejected for reinstatement!

If you’re a business dependent on local traffic, you simply can’t afford the loss of revenue a suspension can incur.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to seek professional help, especially if the suspension is not the result of something obvious like that one local listing site you never go to that still has your old address… Here at LocalBizGuru, we work with a Google My Business Platinum Product Expert with a perfect reinstatement record.

Knowing you have somebody like that in your corner will help you relax and trust that your listing will be reinstated, faster and with less effort than doing it yourself.

If you have a suspended Google My Business listing or otherwise need help with local SEO, contact LocalBizGuru today.

Google Business Profile Suspension Insurance:

Do you monitor your Google My Business listing for edits from malicious SEO companies or competitors? 

Core profile information such as hours of operation, business category or legal name can be changed maliciously without your knowledge.

These changes can affect your rankings and even trigger a profile suspension which can have adverse consequences to your bottom line.

With our GMB Suspension Insurance service, we protect your Google My Business listing from malicious edits and, should it trigger a suspension, are prepared for a painless GMB Reinstatement process – at no extra charge.

We’ve got you covered

We will monitor your Google My Business profiles for changes to:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Telephone
  • Hours
  • Primary Category
  • Website Being Live or Suspended
  • Attribute Changes

In the event your GMB listing is suspended we will be ready. We will notify you and then start the process of getting your Google My Business profile reinstated – at no additional cost to you.


GMB Spam Reporting Service

Level The Playing Field With Spam Reporting on Google Maps.

Google “Spam Reporting” refers to the process of alerting Google to illegitimate, fake or “spam” listings on Google Maps, as well as to identifying and reporting businesses that are not following Google’s guidelines, with the goal of having the listings corrected or removed.

Take your business back to the top…

In a perfect world, Google would only list legitimate business and allow them to compete on their own merits.

Unfortunately, many bad actors have figured out illegal ways to manipulate the process and have their illegitimate ‘spam’ profiles dominate the local search results pages, leaving legitimate business ranked lower and lower.

Spam Reporting can evenl the playing field by removing these spam profiles from Google maps.

LocalBizGuru specializes in Google My Business Fake Listing Spam Reporting. With a 96% success rate and a GMB Platinum Product Experts on hand we will clean up your local area on Maps and help you achieve the rankings you deserve.

We Can Help Report and Remove Spammers

LocalBizGuru’s Google Spam Reporting Services are ideal for businesses in highly competitive service industries that are being drowned out by the sheer number of listings created by businesses that are either fake or not following the rules.

We’ve had tremendous success in the following business categories:

  • Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Locksmiths
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Junk Removal
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Web Developers
  • HVAC
  • Real Estate

While not all businesses are a fit for our Google Spam Reporting Services, the ones that are often “move up” in Google maps once the fake listings are removed.

Call today to find out how this can be the easiest and most affordable Local SEO win for your business.


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