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Backlink Building — Connecting the Dots to Improve your Rankings

THe #1 result in google
has an average of 3.8x
more backlinks than
positions #2-#10.

– Ipsos Research

Effective Link Building Strategies

With nearly every business owner having a website to promote their products and services, getting noticed can be a real challenge.

One of the best ways to rise above the noise of your competition is to ensure that your company has an effective SEO-based link building strategy creating a robust backlink profile for your website.


Can Link Building Help My Company ?

The short answer. . . yes.

If you are concerned about being found online then backlink building services can be one of the most critical services you can use to leverage your website to your advantage.

By using our SEO link building services, you will see that your site will get more traffic and your rankings improve. Most importantly, the traffic that you will be getting is of the highest quality. How do we do that? We use link building strategies that target quality niches and add geo-targeted parameters so that you can best service your new customers.

At LocalBizGuru, our strategies include monthly citation building to make sure that there is a steady stream of attention to your website. This monthly program includes areas that other companies frequently miss.

In addition, we offer guest post blogging, high domain authority (DA) homepage links, press release development and distribution and contextual SEO link building solutions.

Next Level Link Building

Exposing your business to guest blog posts can drive new traffic and customers to your doorstep, while adding high DA homepage links can bring relevance and authority to your website.

Our press release development and distribution service add another level of link building to your website as top-notch periodicals have an opportunity to hear about the newest innovations and developments in your company.

If you are committed to promoting your brand and increasing your sales, then take a close look at our backlink building services as a viable tactic to increase traffic to your website and outrank your competition.

Authority Booster Link Building Packages

Local Citation Link Building




  • Complete Comprehensive Citation Audit

  • Local Citations Building

  • Rich Media (Photo & Video) Citations

  • Social Citations

  • Fully Transparent Monthly reporting

Contextual Link Building



Per Month

  • Create mini-authority properties on blogging platforms linking back to your site

  • Diversify anchor text profile with natural keywords.

  • Create original, semantically relevant content.

  • Choose standard or premium writers

  • Fully Transparent Monthly Reporting

Premium Link Building Plus



Per Month

  • Three package tiers available: Basic, Intermediate & Pro

  • Comprehensive competitor link analysis required to rank

  • Exact anchor text road map for your backlinks

  • Create original, Niche-relevant, guest post on websites with high authority and traffic.

  • Fully Transparent Monthly Reporting

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