Business Listings Optimization

Location Data Repair & Management Solutions

Business data changes online for a myriad of reasons typically beyond your control.
Having your business information properly and consistently listed online can be a strong signal of domain authority and trust to Google and other search engines as well as potential customers.

On the other hand, having inaccurate business listings and citations is frustrating for consumers and hurts your search rankings.

Our Location Data Repair & Management Solutions gives you back the control you need for your business to rank well in local search!

Using patent-pending technology we will scour the web for any listings or structured citations of your business for inconsistencies and duplicates.

Once found, we suppress duplicate listings so consumers never see the incorrect or incomplete address or contact information.

Since search engines value consistency, duplicate suppression offers huge SEO benefits.

Once repaired we will create the most complete, rich, and accurate presence on all the search engines, maps, apps and local directories where they search for your business.

Your locations will perform better in search and consequently, your customers can now find you at the moment of decision.

Furthermore, our monthly monitoring and content updating will help keep your online presence fresh and relevant, offering a tremendous SEO advantage for your business listings across the web!

A listing with 14/14 fields complete generates…

More searches
More Yelp page views
More listing views

…vs. theĀ average listing with just 4/14 fields complete