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Looking to take your digital marketing to the next level?

Digital marketing spend is projected to break $118 billion by 2021. With all of us spending so much of our time glued to screens, it’s not hard to see why.

If you don’t know where to start, let’s talk through some digital marketing tactics that will help grow your business.

Smarter Keyword Research

Everybody knows that solid keyword research and selection is crucial to help create killer content that will rank well.

However, many do not realize that it’s not just the primary keyword phrases you need to incorporate into your content to help it rank.

You also need to include LSI Keywords as well.

What are LSI Keywords?

Basically, LSI or ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’ keywords are keywords related to your primary keyword phrase that the major search engines are now looking for and expecting in your content. These are not necessarily synonyms.   

For example:

If I am writing an article about New York City, you can expect it to include phrases and terms related to it.

Concepts and terms like ‘Manhattan’,’Broadway’,‘Yellow cabs’, ‘Empire State Building’, Wall Street’ & ‘Statue of Liberty’ are all things that are unique or relevant to New York City. It makes sense, therefore, to include these related terms in your content.

A great free online tool to help you generate SLI Keywords and create content is the LSIGraph/  LSI Keyword Generator here – https://lsigraph.com/

Video Content

Video content has gained significant ground over the last few years and is now one of the leading digital marketing solutions.

Unlike text, your audience can choose to consume video content a few ways. Plenty of us watch Facebook videos without sound, for instance, and providing subtitles opens up even more ways of watching.

You can use videos to deliver dense content without demanding much attention, which helps sidestep the short attention span of the modern consumer.

Video content is also super share-friendly, so it can do the rounds on social media without you spending another cent.

Smart Calls to Action

It’s no good getting views if they don’t do anything for you.

Plenty of businesses fail to capitalize on traffic because of bad calls to action (CTA). That means customers who want to engage with you are left drifting – and they’ll soon drift away to a competitor who gets it right.

Whatever your call to action (“Shop Now”, “Register Here”), make sure it’s obvious, accessible, and easy to use.

A solid landing page will go a long way. Include useful content, but try not to distract from your call to action.

When it comes to landing pages, make sure that whatever engaged and compelled the user to click on your CTA, should be reinforced when they arrive on the landing page you sent them to.
There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to click on a call to action and expect one thing, only to not easily find it when they arrive at the landing page.

This confusion will only lead to higher bounce rates and a loss of potential revenue for your business.

Engage on Social Media

Every brand has a social media account these days, and for good reason.

Social media opens opportunities not available to traditional marketing channels. It allows two-way communication, high customer engagement, and allows your customers to become ambassadors for you.

That last point is a huge victory. Why spend more getting your message out when your happy customers will do it for you free of charge?

Some brands have even received attention just for how well they use social media. Get it right, and it’s a self-perpetuating marketing tool.

If you’re a smaller brand, social media is a great way to get your product in front of new audiences.

Analytics – Find What Works

When you change up your marketing strategy, you need to know whether you got it right.

Use tools like Google Analytics to get an overview of your success.
Smart use of analytics will tell you what sort of content is driving the most engagement, which is something you can build on for future marketing campaigns.

Treat your digital marketing tactics like a living project. Your feedback should tell you how to go about your next big marketing push. That push will give you more feedback, and so on.

Employ Digital Marketing Tactics & Expand Your Business

Deploying the right digital marketing tactics could unlock the huge growth potential of your business. The key thing is to stay up-to-date and check out what the big names are doing.

Need more business tips or want to explore these tips further? Why not check out our blog or contact us for a free consultation!?

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