5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Creating Your YouTube Strategy

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Let’s take a moment to talk about your YouTube strategy.

We’ve all heard about it–and most of us have probably wasted away at least one afternoon watching silly videos.

Youtube generates one billion unique visitors each month. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google!

If you learn to use it the right way, YouTube can be the perfect strategy to generate brand awareness and reach out to your target audience in an engaging way.

But mastering the art of Youtube marketing is going to be a challenge. It’s easy to fall into the trap of producing boring videos or getting buried in the sea of other content.

If you’re looking to create a Youtube strategy that works, you need to know what pitfalls to look out for.
Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make in your advertising campaign–and how to avoid them.

5 Things NOT to do When Creating Your Youtube Strategy

When it comes to video marketing, Youtube is the king.

With over 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, it’s the central hub for all videos on the internet.

This might seem intimidating, but if you handle the platform the right way, you can present your company’s unique content in a way that’s easy for viewers to consume and share.

Here are 5 things that you shouldn’t do when you’re creating your Youtube strategy–from content to analytics.

1. Waste your budget

Although it’s important to have professional-looking videos, there’s no need to throw your budget away.

Prices can add up quickly–especially if you consider hiring a videographer, editor, or actors. Not to mention the price of trying to get your ad seen on Youtube.

Just remember, creating good content doesn’t mean you have to go out and produce the next Emmy award-winning ad.

It’s okay to just test the waters with whatever budget you have available.

2. Produce low-quality videos

Learning how to make a great Youtube channel all starts with quality videos. You don’t need a huge budget, but never create content without putting in a little time, energy, and effort.

A low-quality video will reflect on the quality of your company–and it could damage your online reputation.

Invest in good lighting, a clean background, top-notch editing, and a decent camera that shoots high-resolution film and sound.

Remember, your videos don’t have to be expensive to look professional.

3. Make a video on a whim

It’s important to stay active on Youtube, but don’t post videos just for the sake of posting them.

Plan your content ideas weeks in advance so you can keep up regular, quality updates. If you post pointless or rushed videos, you’ll lose the loyalty of potential viewers.

If you catch yourself in a dry spell, it’s better to wait for a well thought out video than to throw something out there that you’ll regret later.

4. Overuse annotations

Youtube annotations are little pop-up boxes of text that you can place at the beginning of your videos. It’s a great way to link to other content and direct viewers to the other videos you’ve produced.

But use them sparingly–viewers will quickly become annoyed if you overload your videos with annotations.

Also, keep them to the first minute or so. Having links popping up multiple times throughout the video will annoy your viewers.

5. Use outdated material

There’s nothing more painful than watching a video that tries and fails to keep up with the latest trends.

Make sure your content is “on brand” and still relevant to today’s market. It might be a good idea to run some videos by a test audience first just to see the reactions.

Also be sure to keep logos, phone numbers, or links updated in each video.

Looking To Get More Out of Social Media?

There’s no question that Youtube rules the video marketing industry. If you want to up your video marketing game, there’s no better way than to create a Youtube strategy for your company.

Just keep these common mistakes in mind–so you can make the most out of Youtube as a platform.

Trying to achieve your digital marketing goals and take your social media strategy to the next level? Contact us today to find out more!

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